Hurricane María brought shocking and unprecedented devastation to Puerto Rico, the effects of which will be felt for years to come. In response, the Hispanic Federation (HF) launched the Unidos program, partnering with grassroots organizations, individuals, businesses and foundations to address the multiple long-term needs of the island’s residents.

HF mobilized swiftly to reach Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities, transporting emergency first responders and providing 7.4 million pounds of food, water and essentials in the critical days and weeks after the storm hit. Today, HF is proud to be among the largest institutional contributors to Puerto Rico’s relief and recovery efforts.  

The scale of disaster in Puerto Rico requires all of us to support islanders and displaced families in what is unquestionably a long journey towards a just recovery. HF believes that nonprofit agencies, local organizations, and community-based partnerships are in the best position to steer the recovery and rebuilding of Puerto Rico. HF has committed $30 million to support over 110 local groups and initiatives across the island that are delivering ground-up, innovative projects – all built around long-term recovery, resiliency, sustainability, and increased self-sufficiency and community empowerment.

We have seen unprecedented support for the island’s recovery from individuals, corporations and foundations on the mainland. Thank you. The scale of disaster in Puerto Rico requires all of us to support our fellow Americans on the island and those who have been displaced, as Puerto Ricans journey towards recovery. Thank you for your generosity!

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