Become a founding member of the FUERZAfest Giving Circle. Hispanic Federation's fifth edition of FUERZAfest will now be held from October 14 -28, 2020 at the Julia de Burgos Performance & Arts Center located in Spanish Harlem, NYC. To support LGBTQ Latinx artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a resource hub and ongoing virtual programming.

Who We Are:

We are committed to creating a movement harnessing the collective power of philanthropy to support and incubate a movement of LGBTQ Latinx artists. We have the goal of raising at least $20,000 to invest in content creators telling LGBTQ Latinx stories through theater, art, film, dance and more.

We are asking a minimum of 20 people to each commit a minimum $1,000 over 12 months to create a fund to support a movement of LGBTQ Latinx artists, who will showcase their original content at the 5th Annual FUERZAfest. At a donation of $1,000, the financial commitment is just $3 a day or $84 per month. Please consider joining our movement of philanthropists united by a shared belief in authentically showcasing LGBTQ Latinx lives and truth.

You may join our giving circle by committing to donate $1,000 over the next year. Or if you cannot join, please consider making a donation of any size to support our newly created FUERZAfest Giving Circle.

Giving circle members will be recognized on our website and the first to know updates about FUERZAfest. You are also invited to attend the opening and closing receptions of FUERZAfest from October 14 -28, 2020 at the Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center in Spanish Harlem. More info at The Hispanic Federation welcomes you to join our newest giving circle--a familia of philanthropists supporting LGBTQ Latinxs in the arts.

Become a member today! Sign up by donating below.

For more information, Contact: David M. Pérez, Senior Director of Donor Relations at or 212-233-8955 ext. 159.