We believe that a quality education is the single most important investment we can make in Latino communities. That’s why HF runs educational programs that support students and their families at every stage of the academic system, from early childhood education through college graduation. HF also carries out research and advocates to advance policies that help Latino and other underserved students obtain the tools, resources and opportunities they need to succeed academically and in life.

Our programs and advocacy work include:

Pathways to Academic Excellence

The Pathways to Academic Excellence initiative is a seminar series that enables Latino parents to actively support their children’s education through early childhood and college prep activities.

Pathways Early Childhood

This component helps parents understand the importance of educationally engaging their children early in life. Seminars instruct parents and caregivers on developmentally appropriate learning activities, art projects, and techniques such as storytelling which can be used at home to enhance their children’s literacy skills. Pathways Early Childhood creates a path to academic success for families by:

  • Teaching parents/caregivers how to enhance their children’s literacy skills through language-building activities and exercises
  • Providing resources such as books that promote reading and learning
  • Instructing parents on how to work with their children and the school system to overcome social and academic challenges
  • Tracking behavioral change in the family household through outcome evaluations

Pathways College Prep

This component motivates Latino parents to get a head start in prepping their children for college. The program helps parents and students understand the advantages of a college education, the college admissions timeline, what colleges are looking for, and how to navigate the often complex application process. Pathways College Prep specifically educates parents on:

  • The importance of advanced placement (AP) classes, extracurricular activities, and college entrance exams
  • Developing relationships with school counselors
  • The critical nature of the junior year
  • Finding information on financial aid and scholarships

CREAR Futuros

Hispanic Federation developed the CREAR Futuros (College Readiness, Achievement and Retention) program to address the fact that Latinos face persistent systemic barriers that prevent them from earning a college degree, resulting in the lowest college graduation level of any major racial/ethnic group in the U.S.

To address this crisis, HF works with public sector partners such as The City University of New York (CUNY) and private foundations and corporations to implement student retention and achievement models that increase the percentage of Latino students graduating from college.

CREAR Futuros has three main components:

  • CREAR Futuros at CUNY campuses – This is a program at multiple CUNY colleges that creates a “Community of Care” focused on providing Latino college students with highly trained peer-mentors, specialized academic tutoring, leadership trainings, social services and internships.
  • CREAR 2.0 - Thanks to a three-year, $1 million grant from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, HF will soon launch CREAR 2.0, an enhancement of the CREAR Futuros program which offers students tablets, a virtual curriculum tied to independent study, MetroCards, book stipends, and credit-bearing independent study programs.
  • National CREAR Futuros Initiative (NCFI) – This exciting national expansion will further expand elements of the CREAR Futuros program in the CUNY school system and implement them in three states where the Hispanic Federation has an established presence, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Florida.

Latino CREAR Coalition

Making sure that Latino students graduate from college is everyone’s concern. That’s why Hispanic Federation created the Latino CREAR Coalition, which advocates for improvements in Latino college readiness in New York City public schools and champions support systems that facilitate Latino college retention and graduation.

Coalition members include Latino and other community leaders, college leaders at NYS Hispanic Serving Institutions, K-12 representatives, NYC Department of Education (DOE) and NYS Education Department (SED) leaders, foundation directors, educational advocates, corporate executives, elected officials, and researchers.

Hispanic Education Summit

Each year, the Hispanic Federation hosts the largest community-wide gathering on Latino education in the Northeast region. The Hispanic Education Summit is an all-day conference which brings together community advocates, educators, students, parents and policymakers to advance best practices and needed reforms aimed at improving Latino educational achievement. The strategies and recommendations generated from the summit are compiled into a report and action agenda and guide our educational policymaking at the local, state and federal levels.

CUNY Rising Alliance

Earlier this year, NYS Governor Cuomo proposed a nearly $500 million cut to the City University of New York (CUNY) system. These cuts threaten to undermine an institution that has educated New Yorkers from diverse communities for more than a century and today serves nearly three quarters of all Latino undergraduates in New York City. HF is working with a group of leading student and educational advocates to restore and expand funding for CUNY, and ensure that New Yorkers can continue to have access to an affordable and high quality college education. To read our platform, click here.

For more information, contact Marissa Muñoz, Director of Education Policy.