Statement on the Election of Donald Trump

November 10, 2016 (New York, NY) – Hispanic Federation has issued the following statement in response to the election of Donald Trump.

“Throughout this divisive presidential campaign season, Hispanic Federation has made public its deep concern over the tenor and tone of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. We have expressed our dismay at language that demonizes immigrants, dehumanizes Latinos, and denigrates women. We have also registered our opposition to many of Mr. Trump’s policy proposals, especially those that target immigrant families, undercut civil rights, and threaten to weaken our national security.

While Election Day is now behind us, we continue to share the unease and anxiety of millions of Americans who despair that the divisive language and dangerous policy proposals President-elect Trump offered during the campaign will signal a less inclusive, diverse and hopeful nation.

The challenges facing the nation are serious and complex. They require the best efforts of all Americans to resolve. We are prepared to work with the Trump administration on meaningful, humane and comprehensive immigration reform, fundamental changes to our criminal justice system, improvements to education and health care, and protection of our environment. These issues matter greatly to the Latino community and they deserve serious attention by the incoming administration.

As a network organization representing more than one hundred Latino community-based organizations across the United States, Hispanic Federation stands ready to defend, protect and promote the interests and aspirations of our community and nation. And we stand ready to do so in partnership with individuals and institutions who share our vision of advancing social justice and equity.

America is strongest when its leaders bring out the best in us all. We hope that President-elect Trump will assemble a cabinet that is inclusive of all of the communities that truly make America great. We further hope that he will abandon the incendiary language that characterized his campaign and honor the dignity of the office he has been elected to by making clear that he will be a President for all Americans.

It is clear that President-elect Trump’s success this election season is a reflection of his skills as a campaigner. It is also a product of the anxiety and dissatisfaction many voters feel about the economic, social and political issues that we confront as a nation.

President-elect Trump has presented himself as a man defined by his willingness to lead. The campaign is over and the time for true leadership is here. For us, true leadership isn’t about bombastic declarations and leveling insults at people or entire communities, it is about expanding opportunity and justice, and providing stability and hope to our nation. We hope that President-elect Trump agrees.”