Hispanic Federation Statement on President Trump’s Latest Charlottesville Remarks

Yesterday, once again, President Trump sought to draw an equivalency between the actions of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with those of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. The President’s statements were incorrect, insulting and vile, and should trouble and terrify every American of good conscience.

As the duly elected leader of the United States, he has had numerous opportunities to work with diverse institutions and communities to continue building a more just, inclusive and prosperous nation. And yet, at every turn over these last seven months, President Trump has turned away from the difficult but necessary work of governing. Instead he has weakened our nation through his attacks on immigrants, women, African Americans, religious minorities, the media, LGBT community members, and others. And now, in an almost unbelievable act of political opportunism and shamefulness, he has provided cover for white supremacists who engage in terrorism and intimidation to carry out their racist agenda.

The United States faces a myriad of challenges that require thoughtful leadership. We need to safeguard civil rights, reform our immigration system, increase access to health care, address economic inequality, implement measures to confront climate change, and stand up for human rights across the globe. These are difficult tasks that require a President who can lead, inspire and unite. On all of those counts, President Trump has proven to be an abject failure.

It is up to all Americans, irrespective of political affiliation, to stand up to racism and injustice, even if the President of the United States will not.