Sign up for Entre Familia: HF’s Nonprofit Learning Series

Entre Familia is a series of workshops providing member agency staff with capacity-building trainings and professional development opportunities. The trainings are offered to ensure that our members and grantees are receiving the latest information about the nonprofit industry’s best practices. Expert facilitators, including HF senior staff members, engage participants with information vital to the growth and sustainability of our nonprofit community. Workshops cover topics such as event planning, fundraising, financial management, communications, information management, board development and more.

“Supporting our network means making sure that the men and women working for our member agencies receive good training about everything from financial management to human resources to media,“ said Diana Caba, HF Director of Economic Empowerment. “These workshops focus on best practices that our members can use to improve their agencies. And that’s good not only for the agency, but for the people they help.”

Since its first workshop in July, 75 participants have gained practical knowledge on media relations, communication strategies and event planning. There are many workshops left until the end of the year, so sign up today! For more information contact, Diana Caba, Director of Economic Empowerment: (212) 233-8955 ext. 135 or