Hispanic Federation Statement on the Resignation of DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielson

"The resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is long overdue. Never in the short history of that federal agency has a leader so spectacularly failed to honor America’s values of justice and inclusion while protecting the nation. Ms. Nielsen was a shameless promoter and defender of President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. She will forever be known as the Secretary who carried out Trump’s monstrous policy of tearing thousands of children from their migrant parents arms — the overseer of a mass government-sanctioned child abuse program.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Nielsen’s resignation will likely do little to improve the Administration’s policies on immigrant rights and very likely will make the problems at our Southern border worse. President Trump has made clear that his hostility towards immigrants has no bottom. Nielsen’s replacement as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security will likely sharpen the attacks on immigrants.

"No matter who replaces Nielsen, Hispanic Federation and its allies will continue to fight against the Trump Administration’s dangerous anti-immigrant policies. Cruelty with a new face is still, in the end, cruelty."