Hispanic Federation Statement on President Trump’s Public Charge Rule

New York, NY - Today, Hispanic Federation President José Calderón issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s new public charge rule:

“The changes to the “public charge” rule announced yesterday by Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) reveal the true nature of Trump’s immigration problem. The problem for the President is not undocumented immigration as he would like us to believe, it is all immigrants who reside in our nation, especially if they happen to be from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Forcing hardworking immigrants who are legally in the country to choose between their hopes of becoming U.S. citizens, and taking care of their families through Medicaid, SNAP and other available public programs for U.S. residents is a new low for this administration. It is ultimately a brazen and vile attempt to change the demographic composition of our nation.”

“Like generations of immigrants before them, the immigrants that bless our nation today work incredibly hard, pay taxes and make enormous contributions to communities, towns and cities all across America. Those that are eager to migrate and join our diverse nation are ready to do the same. As Emma Lazarus so wonderfully captured in her poem in 1883, this is especially true if they are “poor and yearning to be free.” That is our nation’s story and very much the reason for its success. Even against the backdrop of the cynical and cruel anti-immigrant policies championed by the Trump administration, the changes to the public charge rule are notable for their mercilessness. In their desire to advance their extremist agenda, President Trump and his enablers have further stained this country’s tradition as a beacon of hope for immigrants. Shame on them.”