Hispanic Federation Statement on Census Day of Action

New York, New York -- Hispanic Federation President, José Calderón, issued the following statement on the national Census Day of Action and the role the Latino community can play in shaping the country’s political future.

"The 2020 Census comes at a critical time for the Latino community. We are witness to baseless attacks and divisive rhetoric designed to diminish our worth and standing as Americans. The truth, however, couldn't be clearer. The Latino community's growth across the nation has strengthened communities and industries that were once dying out. Local and state economies are booming in many areas due to Latino consumers and workers. It is no surprise that this administration wants to intimidate the Latino community from fully participating in the 2020 Census by introducing a citizenship question and underfunding outreach efforts to Latino communities. The 2020 Census provides the opportunity for a fair count of Latinos that should result in in resources and representation that is fair and just. We cannot express enough how critical it is for every single man, woman and child in our community, regardless of immigration status, to be counted in the 2020 Census. The Hispanic Federation, hand in hand with our partners, is ready to work hard and ensure all Latinos are counted."