Anna Carron

Hispanic Federation Statement on Census Bureau's Release of Demographic Data

In response to the U.S. Census Bureau’s release of demographic data from the 2020 census, Hispanic Federation, the nation's premier Latino nonprofit membership organization, released the following statement from President Frankie Miranda:

"Yesterday’s release of the demographic data captured by the 2020 Census highlights the growing numbers and importance of Latinos to the future health and success of the United States. At over 62 million, Latinos continue to be the second largest population group in the country, and even with suspected undercounts, it is clear that our community is rapidly growing.

"While the non-Hispanic White population decreased in numbers for the first time, Latinos accounted for almost half of the US population growth. This exponential growth of our community proves that what we have been saying for decades is true: Latinos are a big part of our nation’s future and need to be treated as such. Furthermore, a failure to adequately address the systemic issues that affect Latino communities is a failure to improve the future of the United States.

"These numbers also underscore the importance of ensuring that the upcoming redistricting process in each state is fair, transparent, and protects the gains in political representation that communities of color have made in the last decade. The United States is a multiracial and multi-ethnic nation on a path to becoming a minority-majority country in the next few decades; we will not accept district maps that attempt to deny that trend.

"We look forward to doing further analysis of the data in the coming weeks to learn more about the Hispanic population, its demographic trends, and any other information that will help us to continue serving our community."