Hispanic Federation Condemns President Trump’s Reported Plan to Utilize Disaster Relief Funding for Border Wall

NEW YORK, NY — Hispanic Federation President José Calderón issued the following statement regarding recent reports surrounding a potential Trump administration plan to divert critical disaster relief funds to pay for the border wall:

“Is there no low that President Trump won’t reach for? We struggle to convey the sheer immorality and inhumanity of a purported plan floated by his administration to divert disaster relief funding so he can build his wasteful and xenophobic vanity project — a border wall that will cost the American taxpayer nearly 6 billion dollars. The funding the administration is considering taking away is designated to help millions of people struggling to put their lives together in disaster-ravaged areas in Puerto Rico and California.”

“With nearly three thousand lives lost as a result of Hurricanes Maria and Irma, and disastrous mismanagement openly admitted by FEMA, this highlights yet again the President’s lack of compassion and commitment to the people of Puerto Rico.”

“It’s apparent that Mr. Trump is willing to go to any lengths to get his way. Manufacture a border crisis. Check! Shut down the government. Done! Force 800,000 hardworking government employees to live without a paycheck. No problem! Take away money from millions of people suffering in the wake of natural disasters. Whatever it takes! Again we ask, is there no bottom to this administration and this Presidency?”