Hispanic Federation Applauds Congressional Passage of Disaster Relief Bill

New York, NY -- Today, Hispanic Federation President José Calderón issued the following statement applauding the House of Representatives for passing a multi-billion dollar disaster relief bill:

"Hispanic Federation joins with millions of Americans across the United States in celebrating the approval of a relief bill aimed at helping communities recover and rebuild in the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricanes Maria, Florence and Michael. Taken together these storms destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and claimed the lives of an unbearable number of our fellow residents and citizens. We are pleased that aid is on its way."

"It is important to note that the devastation caused by these events was made worse by the callous disregard of a small number of legislators who put politics above people. But for their opposition, aid would be arriving earlier, recovery would be moving apace, and millions of people would be putting their lives back together. The same certainly holds true for President Trump who went out of his way to deny aid to Puerto Rico in an act of unprecedented presidential spite. The President’s vendetta against the three million American citizens residing in the island has not only cost precious time but also has made the process of recovery more difficult. It is but another stain on his presidency."

"We are grateful that enough members of Congress recognized that we shouldn’t play politics with people’s lives and livelihoods. Now, let’s get to work."