HF Releases CT Latino Blueprint

HARTFORD, CT Thursday, October 23, 2014 – With voters preparing to head to the polls on November 4th, Latino community leaders descended on the State Capitol in Hartford to release Latino Connecticut: A Call to Action, a comprehensive public policy blueprint intended to inform the soon to be elected Governor, General Assembly and other government officials on how to best respond to the needs and aspirations of the more than 500,000 Latino residents across the state.

“Hundreds of thousands of Latinos across the Constitution State are closely watching the gubernatorial candidates to see who really speaks to their issues and many are still deciding whom to vote for on November 4th. Latino Connecticut: A Call to Action is a policy blueprint that proposes dozens of needed reforms that all elected officials should support and adopt to better the lives of the state’s more than 500,000 Latinos,” said José Calderón, President of the Hispanic Federation.

Latino Connecticut: A Call to Action includes over 125 recommended reforms and investments covering five major issues and constituencies including economic empowerment, education, immigrants, civil rights, women and Latino nonprofit organizations. The policy blueprint was compiled and written by the Hispanic Federation (HF) in partnership with 11 Connecticut member agencies and partners, who comprise some of the leading nonprofit institutions across the state.

“A Call to Action should serve as a catalyst for policy makers and advocates to redouble their efforts to address health disparities in Connecticut and their underlying social determinants. This document is a valuable tool that could lead to improved health and social well-being for our state’s Latino communities,” said José Ortiz, President of the Hispanic Health Council.

"We strive for fairness and equality in all we do and we are blessed with the willingness and yearning to assist those who are unsure of the process and practices of our local and state government. Our commitment to the Latino community is ever-present and we plan on continuing to provide access to relevant social programs with the help of our local and national community partners. This Blueprint just reiterates our what this community means to us and how to help improve it,” said Carlos Valenzuela Executive Director of the Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury, Inc.

The Hispanic Federation also announced a major investment to increase Latino voter registration and turnout in the Constitution State. Grants were recently award to Hispanic Health Council (Hartford), Junta for Progressive Action (New Haven), Hispanic Center of Greater Danbury and the Greater Bridgeport Latino Network to register and mobilize over 8,000 voters for the upcoming election on November 4th. HF will also direct reminder calls to 100,000 Latino voters in the final week before the election. HF is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that has advanced policy reforms and engaged voters for decades.

“As the nation’s attention is focused on the upcoming midterm election including a razor close race for the Governor’s Office, our community leadership has a laser focus on making sure Latino voters turn out at the polls like never before. Through our partnership with Latino nonprofits across the state, we will reach thousands more voters than ever and make sure the Latino community makes their voice heard in this pivotal election,” said Ingrid Alvarez-DiMarzo, Connecticut State Director of the Hispanic Federation.

“Latino youth development and engagement is imperative for our state, especially in the areas of social and life skills, college readiness and employment. Our underserved Latino community is swelling rapidly and these individuals are vital to the state’s success. Arte Inc. has been working tirelessly for ten years to promote Latino culture and education. We strongly urge the Governor and all legislators to support these efforts and their growing Latino constituency,” said David Greco, Executive Director of Arte, Inc.

For more information, please contact Ingrid Alvarez-DiMarzo.