Ford Foundation Makes Two-Year, $500K Investment in HF

HF was founded in 1990 after a study highlighted inequities facing both low-income Latinos and the nonprofits which serve them. And while Latinos have scored notable demographic, economic and social advances since then, 2015 finds Hispanics, especially low-income, low-skill Latinos still facing many serious challenges. Latinas, for instance, continue to experience disproportionate reproductive health disparities as compared to the general population of women in the United States, yet are not fully engaged in fighting for their reproductive and health access rights. And Latino and immigrant low-income, low-skilled workers in New York City face significant institutional and human barriers to finding employment.

Back in 1990, the Ford Foundation was one of our most important partners. That partnership began a new chapter this past June, when the foundation made a historic, two-year investment of $500,000 in the HF’s general operations.

“The Ford Foundation is more than an international philanthropic giant,” said Jose Calderon, HF President. “HF owes much of its early success to the support of numerous donors and the Ford Foundation was an early and significant supporter of our work. This new grant is a validation of the work we have done in the Latino community from an organization that identifies and support nonprofit excellence across the globe.”

Ford Foundation’s grant will support several key initiatives, including;

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR): HF will continue to advocate for expanding sexual and reproductive health and rights and fight against that which restricts it. HF will enhance current sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy by disseminating messaging which focus on young parents, abortion access, contraception, and comprehensive sex education.
  • Civic Engagement: HF will build its capacity to continue supporting grassroots civic engagement infrastructure by developing coalitions with CBOs, state and national allies in preparation for nonpartisan voter education, registration and GOTV efforts, particularly in Florida.
  • Immigration: HF will educate the immigrant community on the current administration’s Administrative Relief initiative, and will advocate for the implementation of these programs.
  • Workforce Development: HF will advocate for New York City’s Workforce1 and other workforce systems to adopt a community-based and culturally-competent model that increases supports and reduces barriers to recruitment and training for low-income, Spanish-dominant and immigrant Latinos.