Hispanic Federation's Statement on Goya CEO's Remarks.


New York, NY - 
Hispanic Federation issued the following statement on Goya CEO's Remarks: 

“Yesterday at the White House, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue stood next to President Trump and said, "we're all truly blessed to have a leader like President Trump." It is both painful and insulting to hear these remarks from the CEO of a company that has built its business on the purchasing power of Latinos and on its appeal and connection to the Latino community.

Anyone who has taken even a cursory look at President Trump's rhetoric and policies would be incapable of describing him in the manner that Mr. Unanue did yesterday. Trump has demonized and criminalized our immigrant communities, caged our children, signaled support for white nationalist organizations, failed the people of Puerto Rico repeatedly during and after Hurricane Maria, and watched with callous disregard as a pandemic tears through our communities. No, Mr. Unanue, President Trump has certainly not been a blessing to the Latino community. 

Advancing a narrative of the Trump Administration that ignores the reality of his hateful rhetoric and his harmful policies is irresponsible and demands a forceful, public response and repudiation. As one of the nation's largest Latino civil rights organizations, we know what President Trump stands for because we have fought his affronts for the last three and a half years. We will continue to do that and hold his enablers accountable for their words, no matter their relationship or connection to the Latino community."