Hispanic Federation Repudiates Acts of Hate and Corruption in the Government of Puerto Rico

NEW YORK, NY - Hispanic Federation (HF) repudiates the expressions of hate and violence made by Governor Ricardo Roselló Nevárez and the members of the chat published in the past few days, and condemns the evidence of corruption that exists in the government of Puerto Rico. In these precarious times of recovery on the island, the administration of Ricardo Roselló Nevárez has left the people even more vulnerable.

"A leader should protect the public interest of the country and the human rights of all citizens with integrity, wisdom and courage. The lack of respect and sensitivity toward individuals, marginalized communities, and our institutions is unacceptable. The written attacks against the dignity of women and the LGBTQIA+ community is evidence of a misogynistic, homophobic, hypocritical and potentially corrupt culture. Without the trust of the people, a leader is no longer a leader, and it is obvious that the governor has lost the trust of the people," said Frankie Miranda, Executive Vice President of Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit organization that for years has defended the rights of the Hispanic community in the United States.

Miranda warns that the lack of trust in Governor Roselló’s administration will affect access to federal and local funds that have been allocated for the recovery of the most vulnerable communities and sectors of the island after Hurricane Maria. "The repercussions of the lack of leadership must not negatively impact the Puerto Rican people who in this historic moment are surviving the greatest natural and economic disaster not only the island but, arguably, the U.S. and its neighboring territories have experienced in recent history. It is not just! The hatred and corruption of some does not reflect the resilient and courageous spirit of our people," affirmed Miranda.

HF has committed more than $30 million for the recovery of Puerto Rico by investing in more than 110 nonprofit organizations and local initiatives, representing one of the largest philanthropic investments on the island. HF has witnessed the tireless work carried out by these organizations in their communities to ensure a just and dignified recovery. In addition, HF has advocated for the rights and equity of Puerto Ricans in the federal sphere and in view of their commitment to the island, responsibly, has established permanent operations at the local level.

For this reason, HF asks this government to listen to the voice and respect the will of the Puerto Rican people and to make decisions that reestablish trust and transparency in the Executive Branch.

Likewise, HF reiterates its previous demands of the government: (1) audit the debt imposed on citizens in a context of corruption and legality, (2) create public participation mechanisms that guarantee that the people guide the decisions of their government, and (3) establish total transparency regarding the administration of government funds that have been allocated to achieve a just and dignified recovery of the country.