Hispanic Federation Condemns President Trump’s “Go Back Home” Tweets Targeting Four Minority Democratic Congresswomen

New York, NY - Today, Frankie Miranda, Executive Vice President of Hispanic Federation, issued the following statement condemning a series of racist tweets from President Trump that targeted a group of four minority Democratic congresswomen:

This weekend, President Trump proved yet again that he has no idea what truly makes America great. His racist attack on a group of congresswomen was as unsurprising as it was unoriginal. There is a long history in this country of questioning the national identity and patriotism of immigrants and their descendants especially people of color by telling them to "go backto where they came from, even when the place they have come from is right here in the United States. Yet, as ridiculous as the President's comments were, they were also dangerous.”

Those of us who have had our nationality questioned and debated including people like me who were born as American citizens in Puerto Rico know that the language the President used was designed to tell us that we don't belong here, that our voices don't matter, and that our ideas for making America better are unwelcome. It was also designed to move his xenophobic, anti-immigrant base to action. With hate crimes against immigrants and people of color on the rise over the last two years, the President's words move from mere political rhetoric to something more sinister. Every member of Congress, no matter their political affiliation, should condemn the President's language and demand that he end his dangerous use of demonization and denationalization as political tools. We cannot allow this to go any further.”